One of those days

As it turns out, I didn’t have time to do yoga this morning. The Peanut had a check-up and pincushion appointment before noon, so I had to hop to it in order to get us all relatively clean and un-hungrified and out the door in time to drive nearly an hour to the pediatrician’s.

You might be asking, “But Mlle. Cranky-Face, what the hell were you thinking, getting a pediatrician so far from you?” A lot of wishful thinking, that’s what. I don’t technically live in Cincinnati, you see, but I do live nearby. When we moved down here, we really didn’t have much time to look for apartments, and being completely unfamiliar with the city, we didn’t know where we needed to concentrate our search. We ended up on the other side of the river as a temporary measure, always hoping to move further north into Ohio, and closer to Columbus. It just so happened that when I was (extremely) unsatisfied with the prenatal care center I randomly chose, the practice recommended by a co-worker happened to be way up north. When I needed a pediatrician, my OB referred me next door to his office, where one of his long-time and very respected doctor friends had his practice.

We made it to the doc’s on time, everything went well (not from the Peanut’s perspective; she did not much enjoy the pointy part of her visit), and I promised the Podling that we’d hit an indoor play place before going home. Happily, the one near us had just been renovated. It was also swarming with kids, being after morning kindergartens and preschools had let out, so he had a grand old time learning how to deal with other small humans. I spent the time finishing a sock that I started as much as a year ago and figuring out how exactly I started it so I could begin sock number two, being chatted up by people impressed by my knitting (I’m still hoping one of them shows up at our weekly stitch & bitch), and holding an increasingly fussy baby while the small humans deafened us all.

By the time we got home, she was nearly inconsolable. (Almost. The power of the food conquers all.) Nyte came home and made pizza while I kept the wee one fed and asleep, and then I learned that my ride to the shawl design class at the library a friend of ours was teaching would not be able to go. No biggie; I had a car, right? I got the details from her and bopped over to the main library with minutes to spare.

No class. Not at that location. I checked with the desk, and they told me it was in a neighboring town. Being still unfamiliar with the area, I asked for directions. She gave me directions that probably meant something to a local, but I had GPS on my phone. Believe it or not, I found the location she gave me.

No library. I used an app on my Big Girl Phone to look up the address, and it pulled up four libraries; the main one I had just been to, two across the river, and one about 20 miles away. Awesome. After more digging (apparently the branch name, town, and state were not the appropriate terms to search with), I found a location and zoomed off, already 20 minutes late.

No library. No town, even. No FREAKING BUILDINGS. Something about the online mapping systems and this area are off by a significant amount; trying to find anything is a nightmare.

At that point, I started to do the twitchy eye thing, so I gave up and went to the liquor store, which is where you have to go in Kentucky to find wine.

Hello, shiraz-cabernet. Hello, riesling. Let’s go home and snuggle.


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