Two steps forward…

Okay, okay…I threw more money at the exercise problem. Only $15, which isn’t a lot, but I still feel a little silly. Guilty, perhaps, at spending anything at all when there’s a very free sidewalk outside of which I’m taking absolutely no advantage. I bought a yoga DVD.

One of the perils/advantages of having the weekly stitch and bitch at the local Barnes & Noble branch bookstore is that…well…it’s at the bookstore. I am an avid reader and Collector Of The Stuffs, so it’s always a constant struggle for me to limit my purchases to obscene amounts of caffeine and maybe a piece of cheesecake. I even wheedled a Nook out of Nyte for my birthday, so now I can buy e-books from the comfort of anywhere, assuming my method of payment won’t shrivel up and die from over-use. I’ve been pretty good for quite a while, with the occasional knitting magazine purchase slip-up, but now that there is so much more emotional stress coming down the pike, I’ve slipped up a few times recently. I might have only spent $25 total, but the guilt…priceless.

So, here’s the lowdown; I bought a paperback (Patricia Briggs’ Hunting Grounds), a yoga DVD, and a very small wall calendar to go in the bathroom. I got the book because I didn’t have it yet, I’m a fan of Briggs’ werewolf series, and even though I do have an e-reader, I plan on continuing to purchase physical books in series I am already collecting. (Speaking of which, is Jim Butcher’s most recent Dresden Files installment, Changes, in paperback at any store in Cincy? Surely it’s somewhere…I just can’t find it.) (Speaking of which, does anyone else insist on buying their entire series in the same format, and does anyone else get annoyed when the publisher arbitrarily changes the size of their books halfway through a series? Seriously.)

(On an unrelated note, why is it when you drop something perishable, like a slice of apple, it rolls directly under and to the center of the bed, far beyond the reach of your puny, t-rex-esque arm? Well, both arms. I’m not loping around the urban jungle with one normal human arm and one kangaroo paw or anything. Goodness knows I couldn’t lope if I wanted to. I could amble. Mosey, even. More to the point, I could fetch a 12-inch straight needle and skewer the apple piece from under the dusty recesses of our ginormous bed. That sucker is from a Honeycrisp. You don’t just leave a Honeycrisp to wither unappreciated, or throw it out because it’s a little covered in cat hair. No way, you wash it off and eat that sonovabitch. I’m with Chris Sims over at Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog: Honeycrisp 4 Life! Did I get off-topic? Oh yeah.)

Anyway, the yoga DVD has 5 different workouts, with different purposes. Some for relaxation, some to get the heart rate going, some just for stretching and slowing down in the evening, some to pep you up in the morning….that appeals to the part of me that gets bored fast. The little calendar is to put in the bathroom and record my daily weigh-in (I might change that to weekly, if it gets to be too close to obsessive for me), as well as what exercise I did and how much. The fact that it’s a Cake Wrecks calendar adds a touch of whimsy and irony, considering it’s essentially all about cakes and I’m using it to lose weight.

In the past, I decided that the best way to address my health (or lack of it) was to stop thinking about it all the time. So, I stopped paying attention to the numbers and tried to just eat healthier. Instead, I gained 30 pounds with my head cheerfully in the sand. Clearly, it wasn’t working for me. I’m having some luck doing the daily routine stuff, and I like the stretching and balance that you can get from yoga, and I have a deadline that I can work toward, so I’m hoping that the combination of all these things will get me results I can be proud of. Results that will encourage me to continue what I’m doing, and eventually arrive at a stronger, healthier body, spirit and mind.

Then, I went to the grocery store and ended up with tea biscuits in my cart. Mm, lemon ginger!


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