Pumpkin Soup

Some of my Plurkies (that’s what those in the know call their friends from Plurk, a social media website that I like better than Twitter due to the fact that one can hold a comprehensive conversation on Plurk) may remember that I made pumpkin soup the other day. And I liked it. Of course, I also really liked being able to whizz all the soup in the pot with my brand-new immersion blender (it’s a KitchenAid, and I am in love) that the very sweet in-laws got me for Christmas. So heavy, so powerful, so….slicey!!

At any rate, here’s the recipe my brother-in-law sent us. He has been in Germany for (mumbletyfarglmehfml) a year or so, and for all I know pulled the recipe out of thin air.

Pumpkin Soup
4 potatoes
4 onions (I used 2, but I’m not a fan of onion)
4 carrots
1 small pumpkin
1 clove of garlic (or more…I’m a big fan of garlic)
3 tablespoons oil
1 litre stock (a 32 oz. box works)
1 dollop of Schmand (sour cream?)
salt and pepper to taste
parsley or chives to garnish
a good crusty loaf of bread for toasting or grilling on the side

(1) Peel potatoes, carrots. Peel pumpkin and remove seeds.
(2) Cut potatoes, onions, carrots, pumpkin into cubes or slices. The
shape is not important; just make sure the cut pieces will cook to a
soft texture easily.
(3) Cut garlic into thin slices. Again just make sure the pieces are
small enough so that the flavor will come out quickly.
(4) Add oil in a big pot on medium heat. Fry the garlic briefly to
flavor the oil.
(5) Add potatoes, onions, carrots to pot. Stir frequently to avoid
burning the onion. (If the pot is NOT a non-stick one, you may need to
add more oil or some stock to help prevent burning the onion.) Keep
cooking until the contents are at least semi-cooked; this should take
around 10 minutes.
(6) Add pumpkin and stock. Turn up the heat to bring to a boil. Once
boiling, turn down the heat so the content will simmer for some time (Approx. 10 minutes).
(7) Once all the vegetables are cooked and soft, add Schmand, some
nutmeg, salt, pepper. Use blender to blend the content so that there are
no lumps. (If you prefer a thicker texture, at this point you can
thicken the soup with some flour pre-mixed with some milk, and bring to
a boil again.)
(8) Serve hot with chopped parsley or chives, and an extra dollop of
Schmand in the bowl. (I’m also going to recommend a crusty toasted bread to go along with this, grilling optional. The texture contrast really rounds out the meal.)

I used a non-stick stock pot, and did need more oil. Also, it made a whole lot of soup, and once I’d blended it up it was plenty thick. I even added in an extra 8 oz. or so of water to the stock because the pumpkin wasn’t even close to being submerged, but you might be more industrious than I and cut your veggies into smaller pieces. After peeling the danged pumpkin I just wanted to get this show on the road, so perhaps my chunks were a bit chunkier than the recipe author intended. I didn’t even put in all the onion, only two; I have a terrible time chopping them up. Oh, I can chop well enough, but I have to do so as fast as I possibly can or my eyes water and burn so badly that I can’t keep them open for about twenty minutes (if I’m lucky). I’m just a delicate flower, see, which is why Nyte does so much of the onion-chopping. It’s a manly task here at Chez Cranky-face, like taking out the trash and changing the diapers.

Also, and here’s my one major culinary flaw; I don’t generally measure seasonings. I just put in something approximate (using the tried-and-true “Ercie Eyeball” method) and taste it, then adjust as necessary. I know this is imprecise, but I do it anyway.

I really liked this. If I was a good blogger, I’d have a photo of the lovely, golden, velvety stuff in a pretty white bowl on a clean table framed by flowing white curtains in beautiful, white-balanced lighting. I don’t actually have any of those things, but if I did I’m sure I’d be a better blogger. So far I haven’t been able to convince the Holder Of The Purse-Strings that these are absolutely necessary. I’m sure I’ll win him over eventually, and then I’ll get my fancy camera (that I’ll never use with the auto setting turned off) and my fairytale spinning wheel and a housekeeper and nanny and a kitchen with more than two cabinets.

Wow, digression ahoy. Uh, eat the soup. It’s good.


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